Joe Trailer 0

Joe Trailer

Joe? Just Joe? Don’t underestimate a movie by it’s title. It says a lot more. Perhaps Nicolas Cage’s best performance to date, Joe depicts a heavy drama in the contemporary South in this adaptation...

Enemy Trailer 0

Enemy Trailer

Watch Jake Gyllenhaal find Jake Gyllenhaal. That is right, he is looking for his lookalike in this new movie called Enemy.

The Rover Trailer 0

The Rover Trailer

Mysterious, gritty, dark and set in the Aussie outback. We love the premise. A loner goes on a journey to track down people who stole his car with a wounded man left behind in...

Divergent Theatrical Teaser 0

Divergent Theatrical Teaser

Ever since the success of The Hunger Games, fanbois and moviegoers have been excited with more and more novel-to-film movie adaptations. Divergent is one of them, and looking at the synopsis it does go...